Affiliate Platform for your
YouTube channel

Scale your sales with a positive loop of affiliates

Launching this summer

Is this how you monetize?


This doesn't scale.

Here is why:

❌ No Positive Loop
❌ Your channel is the only source of traffic
❌ Requires you additional short-clip video editors

You're loosing money

You already did 90% of the work.

A sales channel and a Product is what you need to get started.

You're missing out on:

  • 3x New subscribers
  • 4x Traffic
  • 7x Revenue

How it works

We'll provide a system to turn your audience in your best allies

Step 01

Turn your audience into affiliates

Users will flow into one place
Onboarding & training is automated
Assign tasks and roles at a scale

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Step 02

Give a cohesive space

Discord, Telegram & your e-mail list are the #1 assets. We connect with these platforms to give your audience a space to work with you.

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Step 03

Your real fans will do the work

We'll provide them the tools they need to succed:

Short links & domain registration
Training material on how to effectively clip & publish videos

This will generate a Positive loop of new users.
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Step 04

Reward the audience

Incentivise your audience to perform better and achieve more.

Gamify the content repurposing
Reward them with commissions, roles and perks
Keep the community engaged



This why our clients love CommunityOK

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“We doubled our products conversion rate in a month„


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“We've build an amazing community of people that is generating amazing results„


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What is Multilevel Marketing

Is it a pyramid scheme?

No. As long as:

  • You sell real products
  • You keep it one-level only (affiliates can't recruit other affiliates)
🔴 Do you think this is a real concern creators have?

Ready to scale your sales to the next level?